Office of Special Housing Needs

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The Office of Special Housing Needs caters to those individuals who are currently homeless, wanting to move to different location or participating in various programs. All applicants must meet income restrictions, pass the background check, and have a verifiable source(s) of income.  See for 50% and 60% income guidelines.

Office of Special Housing Needs (OSHN)
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Mrs. Althea P. Brunson, Manager
Grant Homes
William Enston Home
E Street Cottages
21 Nunan Street
Historic Eastside Apartments
670/676 King Street Apartments
Carondolet/Francis Street


OSHN Programs

Florence Crittenton: 8 units at 21 Nunan Street are dedicated to young mothers up to age 24 with one child under the age of 5. The maximum time allotted for leasing is 1 year under this program.

VASH: The HUD-VASH is a joint effort that provides Section 8 vouchers and intensive case management support services to move veterans and their families out of homelessness.

Mental Health: We contract with Mental Health to provide housing for those individuals that are self-sufficient with case management.

Crisis Ministries: We receive referrals for housing from the case managers after meeting the criteria that Crisis Ministries has established.

Tax Credit: Our office has 6 Tax Credit properties that promote the development of affordable housing for low to moderate-income families and individuals.


OSHN Housing

The William Enston Home:Enston Home consists of 58 units, 20 Studio apartments and 38 one-bedroom apartments.

Enston Apartments: Located on the William Enston Homes property. There are 26 two bedroom units, fully equipped with ceiling fans, microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and are rented at a lower market rate for the City of Charleston.

Historic Eastside: Consists of 3 locations scattered on the Eastside within the city limits.

670 King Street: 40 one-bedroom units and is dedicated to individuals that are 55 and older.

676 King Street: Consists of 50 efficiencies and 1 one-bedroom apartment.

21 Nunan Street: 16 one-bedroom units and 4 two-bedroom units.

Carondolet/Francis Street: Consists of 10 two bedroom units.

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A message from the Property Manager:

The Office of Special Housing Needs (OSHN) is considered the “private” side of low income housing, as compared to that of conventional public housing. Private Low-Income Housing is here to provide assistance to those individuals who have sufficient income which would enable them to be in a position to afford higher rents than what one would normally expect to pay should they be living in conventional public housing... Read more